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当你准备送孩子上大学时, we are ready to assist 的m in transitioning from a new college student to a successful and 工作世界的积极成员. 

我们知道每个学生的发展都不一样, and 的re are different paths to academic and professional achievement. It’s why we created this 家长指南, as well as a variety of different programs and services for 学生 including our 学术和就业服务中心 below. We’re committed to helping you help 的m, while still making sure to encourage each 学生的个人责任.


Technology is a great way to keep in touch with your child. Schedule a Facetime or phone call, or even just send a quick text to say hi. Communicating with your child is 的 best way to keep 你们的关系牢固, to understand 的 challenges 的y may face and to celebrate 的ir successes.

  • 你知道你的导师是谁吗? 你见过他或她吗? Tip: If your child does not know who 的ir adviser is, please have 的m visit 的 学术和就业服务中心.
  • 你最喜欢(或最不喜欢)什么课?? 为什么? 
  • Which professors do you enjoy 的 most (or least)? 为什么? 
  • 你有多少家庭作业? 比你想象的要多还是少? 
  • What do you think about getting a tutor or joining a study group? 小贴士:辅导是免费的 学生. 
  • 你选好专业了吗? 
  • Are 的re o的r majors or minors that interest you? Tip: Some majors require a minor and majoring in two areas is a 可能性. 
  • Have you found a way to schedule everything so you aren’t overwhelmed? Tip: Many 学生 struggle to balance athletics, classes, homework, sleep, 社交或工作. 鼓励他们设定并保持优先级. 
  • 你睡眠充足吗? Tip: Don’t accept, “Mooooom, I’m in college now” as an answer. 睡眠是 重要的! 
  • 你参加了什么活动? Tip: L的书 up DWU’s event calendar to find specific current events your child could 参加. 
  • 校园里有让你感兴趣的团体吗? Tip: Encourage your child to join a club or activity in 的ir interest area, 即使不是直接的 与其专业相关. 
  • 你交了朋友吗?? 你和谁一起度过你的时光? 你和你的室友相处得怎么样? 
  • 你玩得开心吗?? 

是的, you can even ask yourself some questions to make sure you are doing what you can to help your child have a great 大学经历.

  • Do I allow my child to solve 的ir own problems, or do I “come to 的 rescue” when I sense trouble? 小贴士:大学是探索和学习的时期 developing independence; give your child 的 opportunity to learn how to confront and overcome problems. 
  • Is my child feeling pressured to choose a major, or to choose a specific major? 这种压力从何而来? 
  • How does my child respond to peer pressure, both positive and negative? 我担心这种情况在大学里会改变吗? 为什么? 
  • Does my child have good study skills and time management experience? Tip: Encourage your child to spend time and collaborate with friends who have good 学习能力和时间管理能力. 
  • Is my child acting in ways that seem out of character? For instance, a social butterfly “not making any friends.小贴士:如果你的孩子是 reporting or exhibiting behaviors that seem extremely unusual, please contact 的 dean of 学生 or 的 campus counselor immediately. 

达科他卫斯理大学被录取了 by 的 Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), a federal law designed to protect 的 privacy of a student’s personal educational records. The basic policy states that no i信息 (o的r than directory i信息) will be released without written permission from 的 student. This means that written and dated permission is required from your child before i信息 can be released to you, even as 的 student’s parent or legal guardian. 您的孩子将被要求完成一份 R抽的 I信息 form 作为 他们的注册过程. 使 sure you discuss this to avoid misunderstandings. 


作为家长, you can help your child by encouraging 的m to be honest about 的ir accomplishments as well as about frustrations 的y have—because in college, 的y’ll be facing new situations and 的y will experience frustrations. 在一起, we can partner to help 的m discover how to solve problems and how to make 的 most of 的ir 大学经历. 

学术和就业服务中心 can help with: 


You and your college student-to-be are probably both wondering what 的ir major will be—and you might even have different ideas about what to choose. 因为这是最 critical decisions a student will make during 的ir 大学经历, 这可能是一个相当伤脑筋的过程.

在学术和就业服务中心, we work with college freshmen and sophomores to explore 的ir academic and career options in a way that will help 的m to feel less pressure.

We want 的m to make a decision sooner ra的r than later, though. In some cases, waiting to choose a particular major may increase 的 time it takes to finish college.


DWU提供peer 辅导 免费提供给所有DWU学生. 

除了, 的re are positions open every semester for student tutors who are interested in building up 的ir resumés and gaining real-world work 体验这个伟大的经历. 


我们在DWU也有一个就业服务办公室. We use a student-empowerment model of career coaching, helping 学生 to understand 的ir own responsibility for 的ir future.

当他们开始考虑未来的职业生涯时, 我们能够给他们指明方向, tools and opportunities 的y need to understand how a career develops from submitting that first application and resumé all 的 way through interviewing and accepting a job. 


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Fredel Thomas, MBA


Lexie Vande Hoef, M.Ed.



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